Harshal Bahade


This is my second time to visit Dr. Swaroop, for both different reason.

1. My friend was suffering from shoulder tendonits, she is having shoulder pain, before coming to Dr.Swaroop, we visited 2-3 doctors due to our locality, but wasn't satisfied. When we visited him, he studied our case, talk very gently, kindly. Explain everything from causes to treatment. Because of his talking only my friend was relax. And we started his treatment. Within span of 2 months. She was totally fine. Thanks to Dr. Swaroop.

2. Second time, my father was suffering from lower back pain, but he was far away from Pune. He consult a local doctor. But still he was suffering. So I contacted Dr.Swaroop. they had conversations, and my father is under his treatment. Most importantly, he is true humen being. He is true doctor. I will highly recommend him.

Shweta Jain


Visited For Neck Pain Treatment

Dr. swaroop was a kind, competent, and excellent diagnostician. he responded with my message with an immediate phone call.he is superior to check my neck which none of the other Doctors has done.I have a pinched nerve in my neck.using an X-ray, he spotted the problem confirmed it during my first visit and recommended physiotherepist which i agreed to. I experienced instant relief with the help of him.Dr.Swaroop gave me hope when I had given up on getting relief from my Neck pain.”

My experience was amazing. I felt that all the staff including (Medical shop person)was very interested in my physical and mental comfort.Everything was well explained by Dr. Swaroop.I never was made to feel that caring for me was a burden.I had no reluctance to ask for what I needed. On top of that my medical outcome is great so far! I would recommend Dr.Swaroop to anyone who needs this procedure.as well as for any ortho procedure.”He was very thoughtful about his opinion”.I would come back to the clinic again if I have future ortho needs.Dr.Swaroop has earned my trust and loyalty and he cares for his patients and does everything possible for a positive outcome. Quality of care was excellent,and results exceeded my best wishes. I highly recommend Dr.Swaroop.😊